Saturday, December 6, 2008

Female head (The Lady of the Dishevelled Hair) (or La Scapigliata)

Remember the movie Ever After (1998)? The movie tried to tell the "Cinderella" story not on a fairytale version but on a more realistic and different Cinderella. Drew Barrymore played Danielle. Apart from the love story of Danielle and the Prince, the movie also told of Danielle's friendship with the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Near the end of the story Da Vinci made a painting for Danielle as a gift to Danielle on her marriage with the prince. (see the upper photo). I was curious if Leonardo Da Vinci really did a painting of that sort. And he did. The second picture is actually what Da Vinci painted and it's called "Female head (The Lady of the Dishevelled Hair) (or La Scapigliata)." The movie just did a little modification on the face so it'll look more like Drew, but basically it is from a real work of the great Leonardo Da Vinci.

Just sharing what I noticed. : )

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